Meet the Sophia's Cleaning Service Team

Meet the team that has made Sophia's Cleaning Service one of the highest rated cleaning services in Chicagoland.
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Carolina Kazimierski

Carolina Kazimierski

Co-Owner and President

Hello, I’m Carolina Kazimierski, Co-Owner and President of Sophia’s Cleaning Service. My transition from a dedicated ESL teacher in Chicago to leading a premier cleaning service is a journey of passion and purpose. At DePaul University, where I earned my master’s in Education, I developed a strong dedication to growth and positive change, now fundamental to our family business.

My inspiration is drawn from my father, an immigrant entrepreneur who established one of Chicago’s most successful Mexican restaurant chains. His example of hard work, kindness, and entrepreneurial spirit guides my approach to leadership.

In the five years since I’ve taken the helm, Sophia’s Cleaning has doubled in size, a testament to our team’s dedication and our commitment to excellence. The most rewarding part of my role is seeing the direct impact of our work – whether it’s through the gratitude of our clients reflected in 5-star reviews or the support we provide to our cleaning staff, who are the backbone of our success.

Leading Sophia’s Cleaning Service is more than a job; it’s a continuation of a legacy. It’s about making a difference in every home we touch and empowering our team to be their best. That’s what drives me every day.

Laura Ivie

Laura Ivie

Office Manager

Greetings! I’m Laura Ivie, a dedicated professional with a passion for service and a background steeped in commitment. Having proudly served in the Navy for four years, I bring a disciplined and detail-oriented approach to my role as the Manager at Sophia’s Cleaning Service.

My journey in the Navy instilled in me a profound sense of duty and the joy of making a positive impact on people’s lives. Choosing a life of service has always been my calling, and managing Sophia’s Cleaning Service allows me to continue fulfilling that purpose. There’s nothing more rewarding than creating a clean and welcoming environment for our clients.

Beyond my managerial responsibilities, I find solace and joy in my downtime pursuits. Photography is not just a hobby for me; it’s a way of capturing the beauty in every moment. Whether it’s a serene landscape or the meticulous work of our cleaning team, I love freezing those moments in time.

A voracious reader at heart, you’ll often find me immersed in the pages of a good book during my leisure hours. The world’s literature opens up and the knowledge it imparts never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Cooking is another avenue through which I express my creativity and share joy. Experimenting with flavors and creating delightful dishes is a therapeutic experience that I truly cherish.

At Sophia’s Cleaning Service, I am dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction. My commitment to service, attention to detail, and leadership skills are the pillars that drive the success of our team.

Andre Kazimierski

Andre Kazimierski


I’m Andre Kazimierski, co-owner of Sophia’s Cleaning Service. Today, my wife Carolina leads our company with incredible dedication, and I’m proud to support her. This journey began with my mother, Sophia Borek, whose legacy we cherish and honor, especially through our contributions to cancer research. Learn more about the Sophia’s Cleaning story.

While my background spans various businesses in home improvement, like 3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling and the tech startup Improovy, my focus now is on supporting Carolina’s vision for Sophia’s Cleaning. Inspired by my mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and ambition, these ventures have been more than just businesses; they’re a part of our family’s story.

Carolina has taken Sophia’s Cleaning Service to new heights, infusing it with integrity, innovation, and care. My role is to back her leadership, ensuring that the values my mother instilled continue to guide us. Together, we’re not just running a business; we’re building a legacy of excellence and positive impact.

Outside of work, you can find me at the gym playing pickleball poorly or spending time with our dogs, Benny and Bruno.

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