Terms of Service

Sophia’s Cleaning Service does not guarantee the removal of stains (rust, mildew, etc) caused by hard water build-up or lack of maintenance.

All areas within your home should be free of clutter.

We require to be informed of items or surfaces needing special care prior to cleaning. We are NOT responsible for any surfaces needing special care if we were not informed.

We are not responsible for any damage due to fault and/or improper installation of any item.

All surfaces (i.e. marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm. We are not responsible for any damage caused to any unsealed stone or surface.

Cleaners only use dish soap and water to clean countertops unless otherwise directed by the resident(s) at the property. If you prefer something else to be used, please contact the office before the cleaning.

Furniture on wood floors is assumed to have proper protection.

Additional Service Disclaimers

We only clean windows and blinds that can be reached with a three-step ladder.

Having other work done within your home while our team members are working may affect the rate and time needed to complete the cleaning to meet your expectations.

The presence of other workers or an excess of people in the house may cause an estimate given to be inaccurate.

For the safety of our team members, no other jobs should be done while our team members are cleaning your home.

Every effort is made to be as careful as possible with your items, however, accidents do happen. Notification must be made within 24 hours of the breakage/loss of any personal items. Items that are antique, irreplaceable, hard to find, etc. are not covered by our breakage policy. Please remove these items on the day of your cleanings.

Sophia’s Cleaning Service does not move items of more than 30 lbs to protect us and our cleaning service providers from injury. If you would like cleaning behind/underneath heavy objects and/or furniture, please move prior to cleaning.

Before and After Pictures

The cleaning teams take before and after photos at the initial cleaning visit and at move-in/out cleaning visits. This is to document the condition of the work areas before and after cleaning and is how cleaners show proof of their work. It is also used for training purposes as well as the promotion of our quality standards. They occasionally take photos for recurring visits, when the home is not in its usual condition and/or extras (e.g. inside of the fridge and/or oven) are requested outside of the regular cleaning tasks.

We do not take photos of personal items or minors (family photos, jewelry, etc.).

Please notify our office If you do not want pictures taken of the work areas before your cleaning visit to sign a waiver of liability. The Satisfaction Guarantee will NOT apply when cleaners are not permitted to prove their work with photos.

Have Any Questions?

Please contact Sophia’s Cleaning Service by email at contact@sophiascleaning.com or by phone at (708) 485-8100 at any time. We look forward to serving your home or office cleaning needs!